just finished making this last night!? i don’t know why i choose Galactus.. hahahahha oh yeah while you check it.. can you find where is the silver surfer!?!?!? hahahahahhaha happy hunting bro!!

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6 Responses to GALACTUS….

  1. tvcrazyman says:

    Hey, this is a amazing image of Galactus! I love it. You ought to post it on in your gallery. You can post links to your blog there too. Your DC Girls andBatman Time-Rider are two of our most popular images of all time. We also started a new site dedicated to only fan art Check them out. You can post links to your blog and promote your work.

  2. gerryobadiah says:

    thx for the info man!?!? i’ll keep post it!?!?!

  3. koko says:

    this is asskick’n man… Great skill

  4. Tita says:

    Sabian : Ayaaaaahh ku hebaaaattttt 😉

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